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Our production team developed a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness (arm-friendliness) to most co-polyerster strings in the tennis industry. Those 2 characteristics build the foundation of a top-quality co-poly string.

When it comes to Triumph, our high-end multifilament string (which is engineered with more than 2000 microbribres (16 gauge)), we spared no cost to develop a string that can compete with the highest quality in the industry.

6 co-poly sets

MSRP: €53.70

SALE: €32.22


This Package includes 6 Tier One Sports co-polyester string sets: T1-Firewire, Ghost Wire, Black Knight, Tour Status, Durafluxx, Strike Force RIP

6 co-poly sets + Triumph

MSRP: €66.65

SALE: €39.99


This Package includes 6 Tier One Sports co-polyester + 1 high-end multifilament (TRIUMPH) string sets .

Who Are We?

We are a business specializing in high quality tennis strings. Our mission is to offer those products at affordable prices. We can only do so by running a cost efficient business which includes not paying outrageous marketing expenses to elite tennis players.  Our growth rather comes from hundreds of positive posts and reviews at accredited tennis forums. We highly value the feedback from those tennis enthusiasts who validate the quality of our products daily.

Is this 40% discount a scam?

We understand your concern. With a thousand Facebook followers you can be confident that we are a well established business with a proven track record in quality products and excellent customer service.


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6 Set Co-Poly + TRIUMPH Deal

PLEASE NOTE: Triumph is only offered in 16 and 17 gauge. If you order the 17gauge package we will add Triumph in 16 gauge. If you order the 18 gauge package we will add Triumph in 17 gauge!