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What type of string should I choose: a co-polyester string (Durafluxx, T1 Firewire, Tour Status, Strike Force RIP, Black Knight) or a multifilament string (Triumph)?

Co-Polyester Strings:

The following are general guidelines of why a player would or would not choose to play with co-polyester strings.


    • Offer better access to spin
    • Offer more control
    • Increase in string durability


    • Less arm-friendly. (if you have a history of arm pain, please note that co-polyester strings can affect your arm negatively! Also, if you are below the age of 13 and above the age of 65 had have no prior experience playing co-polyester strings please consult with your coach or racquet technician to find out if this type of string is right for you)
    • Less feel
    • Less power
    • Less tension stability

In nowadays game of tennis many high level players have switched from nylon based strings (multifilament, synthetic gut) or natural gut strings due to its advantages just mentioned.

Multifilament Strings:

The following are general guidelines of why a player would or would not choose to play with multifilament strings.


    • Arm-friendly
    • Provides great feel
    • In general offer more power
    • Offers higher tension stability


    • Less access to spin
    • In general less control
    • Lower durability

These strings are ideal for young junior players, senior players and players who have little playing experience.

Synthetic Gut Strings:

We currently do not offer a cheaper synthetic gut string. We only offer a high-end multifilament string. In its essence synthetic gut strings and multifilament strings are generally made out of the same material "nylon". But the structure of the string can dramatically change to quality of the strings. For example, our multifilament string called Triumph (nylon based) offer more than 2000 microfibres in the 16 gauge version which results in a very smooth and arm friendly playing experience.

What is a hybrid string setup?

A hybrid string setup is when the racquet is strung with two different type of strings in the mains (the strings that are parallel to the grip) and the crosses. Even at the professional level using a hybrid string pattern has become very popular. Although not consistent, most players use a co-polyester string in the mains and a multifilament or gut string in the crosses. The thought process is that the co-polyester string in the mains increases durability, spin potential and adds control to the player's strokes, whereas the multifilament/gut string in the crosses adds arm friendliness, feel and playability.