Tour Status Set (12.2 Meter - 0.74 € /1 Meter - inc VAT, plus shipping)


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Tour Status


"Soft feel, well balanced for power and control, perfect for the all around player"

This co-polyester/monofilament string offers big hitters well balanced power and control. The octagonal shape adds increased ball bite for players seeking enhanced top spin. The impact is smooth but crisp; durability and tension stability are on point!

Who should play this string?

​Players who are looking for a poly string that offers a ​perfectly balanced playing experience.
Recommended playing level: LK: 17-1, 3.5-7.0 NTRP, college players, ITF players, etc... (advanced - high performance level), UTR 5-16+
NOTE: the lower the playing level the thinner the gauge

Official Product Reviews

Fantastic string.

This is a really fantastic string. I'm switching to it from Hyper-G. I love the control and launch angle. Power and spin are good. Love the price and customer service!

Tip: Use Firewire in the crosses for more bite on slice/serves.

Mike 2

Top Poly on the market at one of the best values.

"​I typically use Babolat Rpm, or Volkl cyclone and those were my favorite and Go to poly's and after Using tour status im making the switch The playability of the string lasted so much longer than Rpm and Cyclone. Im currently getting about 35 hours of play and that's in a Poly-Gut Blend, I can only assume that a full bed of this string will last even longer."


Power AND control.

​​"I was surprised and amazed by its power and control. I was able to hit the ball to so effortlessly. It was very arm friendly, as well. Its the best poly string I have ever used."


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